Provide Free Cancer Screening for Needy people

Provide Free Cancer Screening for Needy people

Help us provide free cancer screening for needy people

There are millions of people who die due to lack of resources and information related to their health. Oncotelligent has already provided free cancer screening to more than 3000 people and we are motivated to help more people.

Help us achieve this goal.


Everyone needs to be cancer screened and with your help we will save more lives

Oncotelligent holds patient’s hand to provide them the healthiest cancer free life

  • Motivated volunteers arrange all the resources for cancer screening
  • We provide free cancer awareness and cancer screening
  • Your donation completely goes to the field
  • Your donation is directly utilized for cancer patients and needy people.

Needy people from rural side often diagnosed at very late stage when cancer has spread in the body and unfortunately die without any option. We are making an effort by providing free cancer screening to all the people who would otherwise not see a doctor for years. This way we are saving their lives by detecting cancer earlier.


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