Make someone’s last wish come true

Make someone’s last wish come true

Help us raise fund for completing cancer patient's wish come true

There is no better feeling than making someone’s wish come true while patient is cheating death during the last few days/hours.

We want to respectfully help families complete cancer patient’s wish come true.

Whatever it takes to bring that smile on the face.

We need your help to make this possible. Please sponsor someone’s wish and smile, it’s worth it!


Show the world that humanity is still alive

Your donation fulfills someone’s last wish

  • Sponsor as many wishes as you want
  • We recognize every donor
  • Your donation goes directly to bring a smile on cancer patient’s face
  • We love our donors and will always be grateful for making this world a better place

While cancer patients are cheating death, they deserve love, respect and affection, let’s give them.

Sponsor someone’s wish and happiness.

Bringing happiness to cancer patients where ever they feel comfortable

Our core values revolve around bringing resources to cancer patients

  • In traumatic environment when patient is struggling, we want to give something memorable
  • Love in any form can not be compared with anything that can be measured.
  • These patients need love, respect and affection.
  • Let’s extend our helping hands

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