Join us as St. George celebrates World Cancer Day on Feb 4th, 2017 with Oncotelligent to raise worldwide cancer awareness

ST. GEORGE- February 4th is World Cancer Day and St. George will be celebrating cancer day with Oncotelligent (being smart about cancer), a non-profit cancer organization based in St. George. DHHS HOSA and DPMA from DSU will be supporting the Wipe Out Cancer event in the presence of St. George community, world renowned scientists, community and thought leaders.

We have so many options to buy when we walk into a super-mall or grocery store; unfortunately we often don’t see that many options for sick patients, especially with cancer. “Considering the majority of patients die due to the lack of information, we began Oncotelligent, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in St. George, Utah  to support oncology community, especially to provide scientific evidence and personalized  report with all the resources a patient should have to undergo an educated  therapy” said Dr. Pravin J. Mishra, founder and CEO of Oncotelligent. “We got people on our board that are motivated and are affected by cancer, directly or indirectly and they are ready to make a change to support cancer patients.”

There are many cancer organizations in the country and in the world, but there is no such organization that helps cancer patients and family members directly in so many ways.

Oncotelligent receives queries from all over the world to provide support to cancer patients. Notably, Oncotelligent has already provided support to thousands of people, saved multiple lives and has touched more than 2 million lives.

Prevention is considered as the best treatment, Oncotelligent has provided free cancer screening to thousands of people and embarking upon cancer screening billion-plus people. Oncotelligent hopes to save countless lives by raising awareness and providing resources including free cancer screening, education and financial support.

Oncotelligent’s executive board member Hari Eppanapally, who is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and was considered by the GOP to run for US Congress from New Jersey is promoting oncotelligent worldwide.Governing committee member, Jayasri Telukuntla, a philanthropist, RJ and social activist is promoting Oncotelligent in all over the India. Committee member Michael Belnap and Youth member Bronte Hadlock is coordinating St. George event.

Join us and support cancer patients and survivors on Feb 4th, there will be activities, short film, inspirational talks, cancer selfie booth, opportunity to register for cancer 5K/walkathon and cancer support board.

“This will be a historical cancer event for St. George community and will be a tribute to all the cancer fighters and survivors worldwide,” Mishra said.

Event information-  February 4th from 2-5PM MST at Desert Hills High School auditorium, 828 Desert Hills Dr, St. George, Utah 84790.

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