Jayasri Telukuntla

International governing Committee member & India Convener

Jayasri Telukuntla, a philanthropist wears many hats with élan. A linguist, an RJ, a writer and a social reformer. Jayasri is compassionate about serving the cancer survivors since she lost her both parents and few near and dear ones to the deadly disease. She volunteers her TIME, TALENT and TREASURE unconditionally for this unique cause at every possible opportunity and inspires, motivates other. Her efforts to the society earned her many awards and accolades. Jayasri was felicitated by Silicon Andhra’s Mana Badi from 2008 to 2013, felicitated by various associations like ATA, NATS, TAWCT to name a few. She was honored by Sri Balasubramanyam with a plaque in recognition of her services towards Padutha Teeyaga program held in New Jersey in 2014.
Her services in India, Jayasri recently launched ‘JaiKisan’ to help stop suicides in the farmer community and has also been actively working on ‘Sankalpam’ with an aim to usher a new hope into the lives of weavers. She is instrumental in encouraging weavers to design new concepts that would be a hit with the young lot.
Known for her outspoken nature laced with wit, Jayasri started her career as an RJ in 2011 with Radio Adhurs. She is currently hosting programs on TORI. Her shows discuss a wide range of topics like atrocities against women, medical and legal advice, literature and a lot more. She also interviews well known personalities in various professions and fields of service.