February 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm Desert Hills School Auditorium, St. George, Utah RSVP

Wipe Out Cancer Conference- A day for your health and family

A day for your health and your family

  1. Keynote Speaker
    Cancer Today-Advances & technologies in cancer
  2. Guest Speaker
  3. Best of oncology- is there a cure for cancer?
  4. Precision Medicine in oncology- Hope for cancer patients
  5. Motivating Cancer Survivor Stories
  6. Cancer Heroes
  7. Collaboration & Networking opportunities
  8.  Closing

On February 4th, International cancer day, let’s celebrate your health, come and learn about healthy living and cancer prevention from international scientist and experts.

we empower patients by providing extra care and support.

-Participants will be updated with the latest advancement  in oncology which can save lives.

-Participants will be able to learn about cancer prevention and how to practice healthy living.

-Participants will be able to contribute to become a part of Oncotelligent’s  patient centered global oncology healthcare platform.

-Participants will have access to the Oncotelligent network  and learn about different available options for cancer patients and cancer prevention/care.

-Participants will be able to  learn about  cancer screening  and/or diet programs for healthy living.

-Opportunity to become a part of global community and to make a difference by saving lives.

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